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September 2019
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Executive Hire News › Archives › September 2019 › Market Report: Power Generation : Latest products

Market Report: Power Generation : Latest products

MHM heads for hybrid

MHM Plant recently introduced a 10kVA hybrid generator that produces power via a combination of solar and battery power, with backup from a small diesel engine. The company says that the MGTP 10000 Solar Hybrid-Gen has all the attributes of a standard site generator except that it runs almost exclusively from non-fossil initiated fuels.
The machine has a fully adjustable roof-mounted solar panel which is designed to provide power to the sealed lead acid batteries in all UK weather conditions. The company has also has launched a 6kVA version with similar attributes.
“Although our aim is to limit the use of diesel by concentrating on hybrid powered systems, we still have a complete fleet of standard diesel-only sets for sale and re-hire,” said Mat Llewellyn, MHM Plant’s MD.
MHM plans to have a range of 6kVA, 10kVA, 20kVA, 33kVA, 45kVA, 60kVA and 100kVA sets ready for later this year and in early 2020.

0808 168 9099     


Low-noise Denyos from Morris

Morris Site Machinery offers a range of super-silent and ‘ultra-silent’ Denyo generators that are built to meet the needs of various markets, from events to construction, and says that these machines are in demand because they can help ensure sites meet environmental noise concerns, as well as reducing fuel consumption.
Models includes the Eventa 60 diesel generator, a 60kVA unit rated at 59dB (A) at 7m and offering 17 hours of continuous operation.
Its safety features include auto-engine shutdown and an earth leakage breaker, while its bunded base prevents spillages and pollution.
The Renta 20 is a super-silent 20kVA constant rated model producing 60dB(A) at 7m and provides 16 hours of uninterrupted operation, while the Eventa 20kVA offers ultra-silent operation at just 55dB(A) at 7m and gives a continuous running time of up to 26 hours.

01902 790824     


Doosan goes Stage V

Doosan Portable Power (DPP) has introduced the G20 EU Stage V compliant generator. Providing a prime power output of 19kVA, this new model is powered by a Yanmar 4TNV88 18kW diesel engine, designed to meet the new European emission regulations. 
The fuel tank configuration is designed to give autonomous operation of at least 47 hours at 75% of the load, and the manufacturer says that high priority has been given to facilitating access for maintenance. All control functions are grouped together on a 4510 Deep Sea Electronics control panel designed for simple operation.
DPP says it will continue to offer its existing generator range, running from the G30IIIA to the largest G500IIIA model, to meet the needs of temporary power applications in various markets.



Keep quiet with Bruno

Single set Bruno ‘rental specification’ generators, available in this country from BGG UK, extend from 10kVA to 3,000kVA. The company states that constant improvements in noise reduction and the introduction of its Fusteq range (pictured) with patented VSi (variable speed inverter) cooling technology have enabled noise levels of as low as 51dB at 7m to be achieved, with fuel savings of up to 11%. 
Bruno says it is producing a complete range of machines that comply with the new EU Stage V emissions regulations being introduced in January 2020 and 2021. The company adds that all necessary after-treatment equipment can be housed within the existing compact Fusteq canopy, owing to configuration benefits offered by VSi technology.

01255 830355     


JCB launches compact model

JCB Power Products is adding to its RS ‘rental specific’ range of portable generator sets, with the launch of the G18RS and the replacement of the engine in the G40RS. The G18RS will be the smallest RS model to date in a line-up that currently runs from 19kVA to 1,250kVA. The latest model is powered by a Stage V compliant JCB ‘Diesel by Kohler’ engine, giving 500-hour service intervals and single-sided maintenance access.
Since the RS range was launched two years ago, JCB has continuously developed the line-up for efficiency. In 2016 the four-cylinder JCB Dieselmax engine was installed in all RS models with outputs of 60kVA to 125kVA. Now the company is extending the range below the current 19kVA model, with the introduction of the compact 18kVA prime power rated G18RS. A 36kVA G40RS machine will also be introduced into the range to provide power from 18kVA up to 125kVA. All RS models have JCB’s LiveLink for Power telematics system.

01889 590312     


Innovative Hybrid from Energy Solutions

Designed for off-grid applications, VariPower from Energy Solutions is a variable speed generator that runs between 900rpm and 2,000rpm and has a lithium battery bank for when silent power is needed or loads are low.
Running at low speed, the generator uses less fuel, reduces noise levels and releases fewer emissions. Engine life is also extended. Available in 48VDC, single and three phase options, the units offer 19kW prime hybrid power.

01634 290772     


Himoinsa targets efficiency

To enable users to meet the requirements of the new EU Stage V emissions regulations, Himoinsa’s new S5 generator sets incorporate efficient Yanmar, FPT and Scania diesel engines with a new after-treatment system to reduce emissions by up to 90%. They also have a reinforced heavy-duty chassis, rock wool sound insulation, and a zinc-rich canopy primer to resist salt corrosion. AdBlue tanks are sized so as to match the capacity of the fuel tanks for optimum efficiency.
As EHN reported in our June issue, Himoinsa is also introducing gas generator sets with characteristics that have very similar characteristics to its Stage V diesel machines, with an even greater reduction of emissions thanks to a three-way catalyst.
The latest models will be promoted on the company’s stand at the Executive Hire Show on 5 and 6 of February 2020.

01270 536940     


Alukaflex cables offer benefits

Denmark-based DanCables is introducing its Alukaflex Connect system of aluminium power cables as an alternative to copper.
The company states that, as aluminium is cheaper and less affected by price fluctuations than copper, it carries a much reduced risk of theft, and has little scrap value. The product is also up to 40% lighter in weight and the fine-stranded aluminium cable is manufactured according to Class 5 IEC 60228 and DIN VDE 0295 standards. It is clearly marked to show it contains no copper.
The system incorporates the manufacturer’s Alukaflex cables with Power-lock compatible Powersafe bi-metal connectors for safe and corrosion-free connection to copper circuits. A locking mechanism is included to prevent unauthorised disconnection The company’s owner, Dan Larsen, who EHN met at Plantworx in June, says the cables have been tested for longevity during trials at a German University, and that several enquiries have already been received for the product in the UK.



Stage V Kohler-SDMO models

Kohler-SDMO is developing a range of Stage V compliant versions of its Rental Compact generators, the first being the 20kVA R20C5 model. The R50C5 and R330C5 will be available in early autumn 2019, followed by the R165C5, R220C5 and R550C5 in early 2020, and the R66C5 and R110C5 from early 2021, corresponding with the rollout of the new regulations.
During the transition period, the manufacturer will continue to offer Stage IIIa compliant sets according to the terms of the Stage V directive.

01606 838120     


HGI rolls out newcomers

HGI states that its series of Stage V compliant, diesel hybrid generators, called the MeSH line-up, are shortly to be launched. The first will be a 12.5kVA welfare generator with others following in due course.
The manufacturer adds that its expanded research and development team is also working to provide alternatives to conventional petrol and diesel-powered generators utilising a number of technological innovations for the production of highly efficient portable power.
HGI says its popular 1,500rpm diesel HRD and HSD series, covering 12kVA through to 20kVA, can now meet the latest EU Stage V emission standards, with the 60kVA 100kVA rental-specification scheduled for launch very soon.

01629 824284     


More MOSAs from Wilkinson Star

Wilkinson Star, the UK importer of the Mosa range of engine driven welders, generating sets and lighting towers, states that it is now offering EU Stage V compliant engines in a range of models, including all Honda powered petrol models, such as the Magicweld welder series.
Yanmar-powered diesel units are now fitted with Stage V compliant L70V and L100V engines, including the hire-specification GE6000 SX, a 6kVA 230V/110V super-silenced generating set designed to meet general tool hire applications.

0161 793 8127     


Atlas Copco’s low-load approach

To overcome potential low load issues on Stage V engines like wet stacking or after treatment saturation, Atlas Copco has launched an innovative variable-speed generator called the QAS VSG.
It incorporates automatic variable speed control from 950rpm to 2,550rpm and has an integrated energy storage system to reduce fuel consumption compared against traditional fixed speed machines.
The manufacturer says this also helps to increase reliability in applications with an average load of less than 20% and that, as the machine’s sound-attenuated enclosure is up to 55% smaller than other comparable units, customers can downsize and optimise their fleets because the one unit can replace up to six power nodes of a typical fixed speed generator from 9kVA to 60kVA.

01442 222350     


Fuel cell solution from TCP

TCP’s (Taylor Construction Plant Ltd) LGP 2500 power pack and ECO GH2 DC hydrogen fuel cell generator have been designed to work together to produce a clean air alternative to a 5kW diesel generator for off-grid applications. The generator, capable of a maximum output of 1kW, backs up the LGP 2500 in the absence of mains power.
Both compact units produce zero emissions at point of delivery, are free of any liquid fuels and are virtually silent in operation. The machines can be ‘hybridised’ with photovoltaic (PV) panels to power welfare cabins and construction equipment, says TCP.

01621 850777     

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