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September 2019
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Executive Hire News › Archives › September 2019 › Market Report: Software & Telematics Systems : Latest products

Market Report: Software & Telematics Systems : Latest products

New JCB fleet technology

JCB has launched two new technology products to enable fleet owners and machine operators to reduce downtime, increase revenue and improve safety.
The JCB Operator app has been developed to combat common construction site issues by making the pre-start machine check process electronic, replacing paper-based checks which can be lost or incorrectly filled in. It allows operators to add comments or images to safety checks, and provides useful documents such as quick-start guides.
The LiveLink Fleet website portal now enables customers to monitor all brands of machines in one place. Working in tandem with the Operator app, it also allows them to capture a real-time overview of a complete fleet, collate all machine pre-start checks electronically and to immediately deal with critical health alerts, and monitor data such as fuel consumption, faults and machine idle time.

01889 590312     


Go Mobile with MCS

MCS offers hire companies a simple and convenient way to work on the move with its CRM Mobile solution, which enables a remote sales force to add new prospects to the database, update CRM details on-site, view information about existing customers and schedule actions for the back office from a mobile device.
The app allows users to react more efficiently to ad hoc customer requests on the move. It can also bring internal and external teams together, as mobile workers can create quotes for clients to sign electronically and raise actions for the team in the back office.

01628 828000     


Compact AMI units

AMI Group’s battery-powered asset tracking solutions are claimed to offer over twice the battery capacity of other available devices and to be 50% smaller for more covert fitment options on a machine.
The AMI Nexis Platform and App allow for a range of bespoke alerts such as geo-fencing, battery disconnection and movement alerts via various methods including SMS, email and push notifications. All units utilise a multi-network roaming micro sim card to ensure the best signal is received. The company states that over 70% of its customers are within the plant and heavy machinery industries.

0844 412 4860     


CanTrack for simple efficiency

CanTrack Global’s telemetry, protection and recovery service is designed to offer simplified GPS fleet tracking as well as recovering stolen vehicles and assets. The company has a national Investigations Unit manned by former police officers.
The GPS tracker has been developed to integrate with all makes and models of plant and powered equipment. It utilises a web-based asset management tracking dashboard portal to provide real-time fleet performance and management information. The service is CanTrack Protect service is run via a hidden battery-powered ‘sleeper’ unit. If thieves try to block ‘traditional’ methods of tracking communication, CanTrack says it has alternatives that give its Investigations Unit a 94% recovery rate.

01908 330385     


Manage maintenance with Jaama

Scheduled for launch towards the end of 2019, Jaama’s Maintenance Exchange connects with its Key2 Hire Management system to deal with maintenance and repair of road-going assets such as excavators. It can also interface with other third party business solutions.
The app can efficiently connect companies to their maintenance supply partners and automates booking, authorisation and invoicing processes related to such work.
Jaama also offers the MyVehicle App that enables equipment operators to provide information recorded during their daily walk-around checks directly back into the software which automatically triggers necessary procedures such as service, maintenance and repair work.

0844 848 4333     


Connect with Manitou

Since January 2019, all new compatible machines built by Manitou with a CAN bus system are able to be used in association with two specific apps to improve performance, safety, security, and reduce total cost of ownership.
MyManitou gives access to a stream of data transmitted by the connected machine in real time, such as location, fuel level and maintenance notifications.
The second app, Easy Manager, allows operational monitoring of a single machine or a fleet. It provides real-time equipment management such as status, location and activity; optimisation of machine operations such as under-utilised equipment and maintenance monitoring; and offers functions to protect machines via geo-fencing.

01202 825331     


Set to Go with Trackunit

Trackunit Manager, which was recently updated with a modern and responsive design, has been developed to give a complete view of machine information, from high-level summaries down to specific equipment details, and provides a channel of communication between the operator, technician and site manager.
The Trackunit Go app filters and highlights machines in need of attention, provides data-driven efficiency metrics and forecasting, charts the fleet based on metadata for fast inventory checks and delivers high-level insight into fleet health, efficiency, and safety.
• Trackunit and Point of Rental Software have announced a long-term partnership. The latter’s Expert and Elite products will pass data back and forth with the Trackunit Manager system and the Trackunit Go application. The software company’s Syrinx product can already integrate with the system.



Increased inspHire functionality 

inspHire has added telematics functionality to its WebPortal product. This enables hire businesses to provide customers with a map-view so that they can see the exact location of all the equipment they have on hire, the depot it belongs to, and its important contract information.
inspHire has also developed seamless telematics integration within its core hire management software and can now be used with Trackunit, JCB LiveLink, CanTrack, Teletrac Navman and others more. Benefits include tracking the location via GPS, recording equipment usage such
as inputs and hours of operation as well as live meter readings. The company says these developments have been driven by the recognised importance of telematics data and its growing impact on the hire industry. Further telematics integrations should be announced later this year.

0115 979 3377     

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