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October 2017
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Executive Hire News › Archives › October 2017 › Market Report: Heating & Lighting : Latest products

Market Report: Heating & Lighting : Latest products 

Tough performer from BPT

BPT (Birchwood Price Tools) has upgraded its Defender LED6000S portable floodlight. It delivers 5,000 lumens of light from more than 100 Samsung LED, and is has a new design of heat sink to give greater efficiency. The unit has a shatterproof frosted lens for glare reduction and operates on a standard 110V power supply.
The light has an ABS body to absorb knocks on site and it has been drop-tested to withstand falls from 2.5m. With a low power consumption of 42W, it is said to be more than 95% more efficient than a 400W halogen bulb. Models available include single head, twin head, tripod, scaffold and magnetic mounting options.

0115 938 9000             


TCP harnesses hydrogen power

The latest in the hydrogen-powered range of products from TCP (Taylor Construction Products) is the Ecolite-TH200 lighting tower, which offers silent and emission-free operation. It uses a Hymera fuel cell from BOC, and the manufacturer says the machine enables contractors to comply with Section 61 of the Control of Noise Pollution Act. 
The machine holds four hydrogen cylinders in its glass fibre body and is said to provide an autonomous running time of up to 120 hours. Its four low-energy LED lamps have been designed to produce a more diffused light without glare or shadows. The lenses are available in different patterns to suit a variety of applications and a dusk-to-dawn switching system provides automatic operation.

01621 850777              


Go electric with Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has expanded its HiLight range of lighting towers with the launch of three LED models. The P2+, V2+ and V3+ can be powered directly from an auxiliary power source, the grid or a portable generator. The P2+ floodlight provides 360° coverage across a 2,000m2 area. The heads give an output of 320W and are housed within a weatherproof polyethylene housing. The manually elevated vertical mast provides a maximum operating height of 5.5m.
Designed for use in roadworks and construction site applications, the V2+ and V3+ are mounted on a four-wheel trailer. Both models have a heavy-duty steel frame and are protected by polyethylene bumpers designed to the same standards as the manufacturer’s HardHat canopy. The V2+ has a 320W LED light source, while the V3+ is equipped with four 120W LED lamps with specially designed directional glass optics, and is capable of illuminating an area of up to 3,000m2.

01442 222350           


Stephill’s mini machine

With four 200W LED lamps mounted on a 5.4m mast, Stephill Generators’ new SLT5000 mini lighting tower is claimed to provide over 3200m2 of single-direction illumination, and over 2800m2 of 360° coverage at 20 lux average. The lamps emit a white light similar to that of daylight.
Powered by a Yanmar L70 diesel engine, the unit has forklift pockets and a central lifting eye. With 4-wheel manoeuvrability, it can be loaded and off-loaded via a vehicle tail lift. Adjustable stabiliser legs and a hand-operated winch are designed for rapid deployment.
The machine offers a 4.5kVA, 230V/115V dual voltage output when operated as a generator and has a Deep Sea control module. An optional programmable timer is available. It has a quoted sound level of 66dBA at 7m and a run time of 52 hours in lighting tower mode.

01933 677911              


Chicago expands LED line-up

Chicago Pneumatic has added the CPLB2 LED model to its range of electrically-powered lighting towers that includes metal halide and LED machines.
The CPLB2 LED joins the existing CPLT V15 LED, CPLB6 LED and CPLT H6 models. Certified to the IP67 standard for protection against water ingress, it has four LED lamps that give an average coverage of 3,000m2 within a diameter of 61m. The 7m mast is operated manually.
Up to four machines can be connected together and powered by one of the manufacturer’s single portable inverters.

01442 222422              


BGG boxes clever

BGG UK has launched the Lightbox static lighting tower, which is claimed to give a running time of up to 270 hours and incorporates a 48V DC power supply for safety. Constructed with a galvanised soundproof canopy, the machine has four 4 LED light heads and is said to offer the same light output as a standard metal halide unit with a 9m mast.
With compact dimensions, up to 20 units can be transported on a 40ft trailer. Like other BGG lighting products, remote monitoring is available enables the machine to be controlled remotely via laptops, smartphones and tablets. The company says that it will also launch a new hybrid static model and a new compact lighting tower at the Showman’s Show taking place in Newbury on 18 and 19 October.

01255 830355              


Comprehensive line-up from HSC

Hire Supply Co (HSC) believes it offers a range of heaters to suit virtually any hire application in domestic, commercial and industrial environments, including 240V, 110V and dual voltage models heaters.
Its range of Master heaters and dehumidifiers includes electric fan heaters in single and three phase, indirect and direct diesel units, propane and infra-red diesel machines. Master recently launched the new XL61 diesel model, an upgraded version of the XL6, and also new for this season is the BV500-13CR indirect diesel heater offering an output of 117kW with one or two outlets and which comes complete with a fuel tank. HSC also has its own Elite brand of electric heaters that includes quartz halogen infra-red units, ceramic heaters, and electric fan and radiator heaters.
HSC’s range of portable LED lighting will be increased with the introduction or six new and six upgraded products for the winter season. It says the light output in lumens from such equipment is now comparable to tungsten and fluorescent lights, while offering energy savings and longer life.
New additions include the Aurora 36W rechargeable work light which provides eight hours of illumination on full power or 16 hours at 50% power. Also new is encapsulated festoon string lighting, available in two lengths and incorporating 8W 120° LEDs underneath a domed diffuser an even spread of light. In the Exin lighting range, the IN2400L model will be replaced by the IN3500LB which is said to give an improved light output and at a more competitive price, and more Exin units will be announced in the near future.

0115 946 1988             


Enhanced Ritelite range

Ritelite’s K50 and K65 lighting towers are designed to meet a wide range of hire applications, and have maximum working heights of 5m and 6.5m respectively. Both models are fitted with LED light heads and are configured for rapid one-person deployment, minimising set-up and breakdown times.
Recently introduced enhancements include forklift pockets and double automatic security locking pins on each mast section for increased safety. A slack rope protection system is fitted to prevent the winch from being operated in an unsafe condition, and a mast safety interlock system to prevent it from being raised until the last stabiliser leg has been deployed. Various lens options are available for the 200W LED heads to suit a wider range of job sites.

01780 758585             


Generac’s dimmable disk

Generac Mobile Products has launched what it describes as the first dimmable and ultra-thin external mobile ‘disk light’. Available as a road-tow version or on a trolley platform, the MT1-UFO has a curved opal cover shaped like a thin disk which provides 360? output of strong, soft light without glare. The 400W LED lamp heads incorporate a passive cooling system and can be tilted for directional illumination.
The Yanmar engine is said to provide up to 34 hours of operation at full capacity and provides over a range of up to 25m. The lights are dimmable from 1 to 100%, making the machine suitable for track and roadside maintenance in busy urban areas.
Generac has also launched a third-generation model of its LT3 trolley light, which has a manually deployed 6m rotating mast and 150W LED lights. It incorporates an updated control panel and is available with a digital timer and a darkness sensor for automatic operation.

01908 571435              


Complete solution from Arcotherm

Following on from the redevelopment of its Jumbo indirect heater line-up, Arcotherm has introduced the new Scudo 235T for use at construction sites, remediation projects or for large temporary structure heating. It offers an output of 227kW, produces an airflow of 20,000m3; per hour and is said to operate at 96.5% thermal efficiency.
Business Manager, Kirsty Birch, said, “The Scudo 235T incorporates the usual characteristics such as a centrally-located lifting point and forklift pockets, but also has electronic thermostat regulation, an hour display, and a four-position switch that enables the user to choose between heat, ventilation, and heating with continuous ventilation.”
Arcotherm has also been busy developing a new range of road-tow heaters, first glimpsed at Plantworx (see EHN, July/August). The line-up comprises three models, the RTH50, RTH100 and RTH140, and each is designed to be a self-contained heating solution housing a heater, a generator, a 407-litre bunded fuel tank, and two 360° LED lights. The unit also has a Deep Sea controller which monitors all aspects of performance, including power output, hours used and fuel levels.
Arcotherm Director Andy Gilman, said, “The RTH range was born from the frustrations experienced when using large oil-fired heating units in conjunction with generators and bunded fuel tanks. It is not uncommon for the end-user to try and run as much equipment as possible from the generator supplying the heater, which results in a voltage drop to the unit. RTH models range have a generator with no auxiliary power take-off and, subsequently, the heater is fed a quality power supply.”
Both the Scudo 235T and the RTH50 will be exhibited at the Showman’s Show this month.

01773 836999              


GAP expands Trime fleet

As part of its Green Action Plan to incorporate environmentally-friendly equipment in its fleet, GAP has ordered a further 60 X-Eco lighting towers from Trime (UK).
The X-Eco LED 6 model incorporates six LED lamps, incorporates automatic start/stop operation and is claimed to use less than a third of the fuel required to run a standard lighting tower, typically producing 888kg less carbon dioxide per month.
Ken Stewart, GAP’s Head of Procurement, said, “The sustainable elements of the X-ECO are very apparent. Equally as important is the favourable reception we get from our customers when we supply them with these units. We are seeing an increasing number of contractors specifying the X-Eco when they are planning their site layouts.”
The hirer now has nearly 500 X-ECO machines in its fleet.

01480 220500              


Morris launches compact light

Morris Site Machinery has launched the SMC TL60 Trolley Light, a compact machine with four 300W LED lights that are said to provide an output of 130,000 lumens. It is available as a standalone unit or with a 2.1kVA diesel generator. There are also options to operate from the mains, 110V sockets or in a linked configuration.
Incorporating retractable handles to facilitate transport and storage, the light offers 355° mast rotation, manual winch, two wind-down stabilisers and one drop-down stabiliser for indoor and outdoor use. Weighing 325kg with a generator, the machine can be transported on a vehicle with a 500kg tail lift.
Morris says that it will also launch what it describes as a next-generation lamp head at the Showman’s Show this month.

0345 409 0280             


MHM meets market needs

MHM believes that the lighting tower market now divides into two segments, with the traditional metal halide lighting tower that can be hired at a basic rate, and more efficient LED machines that can attract a premium rate.
MD Mat Llewellyn says that, as a result, the company is offering a choice of either standard metal halide VT1 lighting towers, or Trime X-Eco machines with six LED heads which, it believes, give a better spread of illumination with even coverage.
He adds that MHM has invested heavily for the winter season and will continue to grow the fleet year-on-year. “With regard to many of the metal halide machines still found fleeted in the hire industry today, we feel that this product still has a place for many years to come. We offer have many options ,such as ‘flexi hire’ for a minimum period of one week, or fixed hire from three months to three years.”

01639 777009              


Hire Station order for Wilkinson Star 

Wilkinson Star is celebrating an order from Hire Station for more than 100 Mosalight LED lighting towers. The compact machine has a 5.5m mast with two 300W LED light heads said to be capable of 1,800m2 of light coverage.
Pictured from left to right are Hire Station MD Brian Sherlock, Purchasing Manager Paul Smith, MOSA Product Manager Alistair Baker, and Phil Jones, Regional Director of Hire Station, at the handover of the first batch of towers at the hirer’s new Leicester depot. 
Up to four towers can be transported on an average delivery vehicle with a tail lift. Operation of the lights is controlled from a side panel, which also houses a 16A 110V socket offering 2.8kW of power and an optional input plug for mains power only. The diesel engine can be fitted with a Chalwyn valve and the fuel tank is designed to provide up to 44 hours’ running.

0161 793 827               


Prolectric’s solar solution

The ProLight, manufactured by Prolectric, is a solar powered lighting tower. The trailer-mounted unit has heavy-duty, deep-cycle batteries,
an array of four 330W solar panels, a 7.5m telescopic mast and four LED lights which are claimed to deliver 550m2 coverage at a minimum lux
level of 20 and a 10,000 to 40,000 lumens output. 
It incorporates a digital remote monitoring and control function to enable operational settings to be adjusted to suit the light conditions and, from the data collected, the machine’s performance and carbon emissions can be measured, tracked and reported.
The machine emits no noise or emissions and consumes no fuel, and the manufacturer believes it will be attractive to contractors seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and to improve air quality on construction sites. Prolectric, which is based in Clevedon, states that it was first company to introduce solar-only permanent street lights to the UK market.

01275 400570


Bright outlook for Shindaiwa

As mentioned in the introductory article to this Market Report, Shindaiwa is offering industrial lighting products under its new division, Site Bright. The range includes three Atex-approved models for use in potentially explosive Zone 1 and 2 atmospheres, such as offshore oil rigs or petrochemical refineries. Each has LED lamps for low power consumption and bright output.
Following consultations with a number of specialist hirers, the models have been designed to be robust and to require minimal maintenance. M1 Series units, for example, have a cable entry system that is configured for fast replacement if the cable should be damaged while on hire,
with no need to disturb gaskets and seals.

01902 791855              



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