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Market Report: Sawing & Cutting

Latest products

Diamondmasters gives competitive edge

Diamondmasters, the diamond tool and machinery specialist that holds the UK agency for Adamas cutting equipment, offers a range of electric floor saws for the tool hire industry. Included in the line-up is the three-phase 15kW VZ3 professional model, which can accept a blade of up to 1200mm and offers a maximum depth of cut of 520mm. The machine features a compact rigid frame, saw blade mounting on the right or left, a footboard for the operator and an electric switch box integrated into the frame. The VZ3 is designed to be easily transported by van, pickup or trailer and has a lifting hook to facilitate loading.

Managing Director, Steve McKenzie, comments, “An increasing number of tool hire companies are investing in specialist pieces of equipment to give them an edge over their competitors. There are many professional drilling and sawing contractors throughout the UK who readily hire this sort of equipment because they cannot justify the cost of ownership. Such organisations usually have highly trained and skilled operatives with extensive experience of using this equipment.”

T 0845 3301319
W www.diamondmasters.co.uk

Hilti saws designed for productivity

Hilti’s new WSC255-KE and WSC265-KE new circular saws are designed for low vibration and high productivity. Featuring an in-line motor and a compact design for manoeuvrability, they incorporate the manufacturer’s Smart Power technology that uses a sensor system to adjust the motor power to suit the material being cut and the pressure applied to the tool.

Suitable for plunge cutting, bevel cuts and trimming, the saws have a new cutting angle adjustment system for extra-deep bevel cuts. Four high-grade blades, developed in conjunction with the new tools, are designed to give all-round cutting performance. Available accessories include parallel guides and guide rails.

The WSC255-KE and WSC265-KE are both backed by Hilti’s Lifetime Service guarantee, which was featured in the April issue of EHN. This includes a two-year no-cost repair period, followed by a repair cost limit to give more straightforward service management throughout the life of a tool.

T 0800 886 100
W www.hilti.co.uk

Duradiamond launches kit solutions

Duradiamond has nearly 20 years’ experience of manufacturing diamond core bits and drilling rigs for use throughout the UK on a wide range of materials. The company says it can tailor-make products to suit individual requirements, with services such as bespoke diamond tipping and segments designed for materials encountered in a particular locality.

The company’s Multiswivel dust extraction system is designed to allow both dust-free dry drilling and fast wet drilling using the same core bits and accessories. The latest addition is a range of entry-level core drill bits in kit form for the hire industry. Available in standard and premium configurations, these include five cores in the most popular diameters, together with accessories. These are packed in a heavy-duty carrying case. Duradiamond says that these kits can enable plumbers, electricians and other tradesmen to tackle different or unexpected tasks with the one system.

T 01577 863028
W www.duradiamond.com

Technidiamant stresses quality

Technidiamant is urging hirers and other stockists of diamond blades to think twice before selling low-cost products that might be of inferior quality. The Leeds-based company believes that, as well as giving a decreased profit margin, some ‘budget’ blades may be less safe in use. It adds that modern blade technology can give faster performance on a wide range of materials, as well as offering greater durability, which can make them a more economical choice overall.

To assist its stockists, Technidiamant has produced a colour catalogue describing the qualities of its product line-up. It provides information to help select the appropriate blade for a particular material or application, and eye-catching point of sale aids can be supplied.

T 0113 256 7111

Dustcontrol offers mobile collection

The DC1800 is the latest addition to the Dustcontrol range of mobile dust-extraction vacuums that bear the ‘H’ filtration rating and can be used for the collection of dust created by sawing, cutting and other tasks such as mortar raking. The company says that the machines are popular for use by contractors, refurbishment specialists and construction companies working in schools, hospitals and retail environments.

It is estimated that up to 100,000 construction workers in the UK are exposed to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) on a regular basis, with the inherent risk of lung disease and other conditions, caused by long-term exposure to microscopic particles. Featuring a special cyclone system and HEPA filtration, Dustcontrol vacuums can be fitted with a range of 300 suction casings to provide tailor-made solutions for virtually all construction related tasks where airborne dust is created.

T 01327 811800
W www.dustcontrol.com

Quick work with Fastverdini

Italian manufacturer Fastverdini, which is represented in the UK by Glamorgan-based Equipment Supply Services, is launching the Scarabeo joint-cutting saw. It is claimed to be able to cut expansion joints in newly laid concrete much sooner, because its 140kg weight is spread across eight wheels. Like other saws in the company’s line-up, it incorporates a patented depth gauge for constant accurate cutting. It is operated via a lockable handle, with the setting being selected on a clear graduated scale on the front of the machine.

The company offers blades for work with most materials, including tough ones like blue pennant sandstone. The overall range comprises 24 different types of diamond saw blade in sizes for use with hand-held, floor, bench and wall saws.

T 01639 722838
W www.equipmentsupply.co.uk

Cool cutting with Tyrolit

Tyrolit has introduced the Startec HP range of diamond impregnated grinding wheels for the low-cost, high-productivity manufacture and re-sharpening of solid carbide drilling and milling tools. They feature a new cutting bond system that is said to give increased cooling during creep feed grinding of flutes, along with typically 20% lower power consumption and 30% longer wheel life.

A non-ferrous core system is used which is lighter and provides better vibration dampening characteristics than a steel core. It is also said to be more tolerant of operator error, eliminating sparking if the wheel approaches the component too quickly.

T 01788 824500
W www.tyrolit.com

DTAS blade for tough applications

DTAS claims that its new 300mm Duro Ultra 300DUM/S blade combines speed of performance with versatility. It is designed to cut concrete as well as other common building materials, hard natural stone and metal. The blade features a 20/30 De Beers titanium-coated diamond grit mix, coupled with a specially designed bond system. This configuration is said to allow each diamond grain to remain exposed, even when used on the toughest materials.

DTAS Managing Director, Paul Morewood, contends, “At up to 250 times the life of conventional abrasive wheels, it makes sense for anyone who needs to cut through metal in the shape of steel pipes, bars, sections and small RSJs to use the 300/DUM/S. Also, integral cooling holes mean there is no overheating, even when cutting metal.” He adds that the product is made in accordance with EN13236 and ISO 9001.

T 0114 288 9488
W www.dtas-diamonds.co.uk

Castellan adds Ilmeg range

Castellan Group has been appointed by Swedish manufacturer Ilmeg Products as sole UK distributor for its equipment for dust cleaning and rock drilling. The company manufactures hydraulic and pneumatically controlled dust collectors for hole sizes of up to 203mm, together with precision drilling instruments and customised environmental solutions such as for dust control on asphalt milling machines.

Castellan’s Managing Director, Colin Jailler, states, “Ilmeg’s equipment will complement our existing varied line-up of concrete and drilling related products. It is ideally suited to our pneumatically operated range of E-Z Drill equipment. We currently have Ilmeg dust collectors fitted to a pair of E-Z Drills working in the confines of a tunnel on the London Underground.”

T 01908 281400
W www.castellan.co.uk

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